Talent Concept
Talent concept

Talent is the key element for DunAn to realize its strategic targets. DunAn invests in human resources from a strategic height. Preserving in attracting people with career, molding people with culture, inspiring people with mechanism and retaining people with benefits and development opportunities, DunAn further strengthens the training and introduction of professional, innovative and pioneering personnel in order to gather and engage first-class talents in DunAn’s great cause. Through the combination of external introduction and internal training, DunAn aims to establish an industry-leading management personnel and professional technical personnel team to meet the needs of enterprise’s rapid development and efficient operation.

DunAn strives to provide training/learning and career development opportunities for employees and creates a self-motivated and self-controlled mechanism to make sure talents stand out. This not only benefits employees who recognizes DunAn’s culture by forming a community of shared interests and shared future, but also offers opportunities for aspiring, passionate, responsible and talented employees to hold senior positions.

We shall favor innovative and pioneering talents from salary, mechanism and honer aspects, and insist “four high” policy to ensure our competitive advantages in pay levels in the region and the industry.

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We adhere to attracting people with career, molding people with culture, inspiring people with mechanism and retaining people with benefits and development opportunities.

Talent Recruitment

Headquartered in Hangzhou City of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang DunAn New Energy Co., Ltd. affiliated to DunAn Group, a top 500 Chinese enterprise. It specializes in the investment, construction, operation and maintenance of wind farms and photovoltaic power stations. The Company owns the professional and experienced team, and has established good cooperation relationship with many domestic and overseas enterprises. It has acquired more than 70 million kilowatts of high-quality wind and solar resources. It has established nearly 200 masts and multiple sets of metering equipment to conduct the measurement of wind and solar resources in over twenty provinces in China. Till now, it has established several regional companies in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Guizhou, Gansu and other regions and has completed its industrial investment layout. Moreover, the Company has been conducting wind power and photovoltaic projects related business in multiple Southeast Asian countries and European countries.

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Job responsibility and requirement:

Our benefits

Perfect training system, sound promotion channels, good sharing mechanism, intimate humanistic care.

DunAn insists on the "taking the lead in the region and industry" salary strategy, manifesting its competitive advantages in pay levels in the region and the industry.

The labor value of employees is fully embodied through various forms such as wage changes, job promotions, equity or benefit incentives, and honor incentives, so that the labor value of employees to be fully reflected.

Study and development
Study and development


    ● In salary allotment, we apply the principle of three-channel—"operation, management and technique”. We adopt the competency-model-based post wage system and favor excellent employees.

    ● DunAn implements “Salary Boosts Performance” strategy to ensure that its pay levels have competitive advantages in the region and the industry. We pursue the profit distribution principle of “Efficiency first, fairness considered”, and unswervingly favor excellent employees. 


    ● We break through the limitations of administrative posts and provide a good career path for the technical staff. Senior engineer can enjoy the remuneration package for the vice president at the company.

    ● DunAn implements "open competition" promotion system form Junior management positions to senior management positions, providing a more transparent and open platform of in-company development for the staff. 


    ● On March 17, 2012, the “foal eagle project” of DunAn Group was launched officially. The project is aimed at new college graduates and pairs them with instructors.

    ● In November, 2015, by approval of DunAn Business College, New Energy branch was founded to promote new energy talent team building and team leadership development and promotion. On February 25, 2016, New Energy branch of DunAn Business College held its opening ceremony and carried out the first training course.